Welcome to Ka Huaka’i o Hula!

I have always been fascinated by all things Hawaiian, and often thought, you know, someday I’d really like to learn how to do the hula.  I had all the romantic visions of hula dancers in Hawai’i, and have even been to Hawai’i twice where I absorbed as much hula as I could (which really wasn’t much as it turns out).   So I began dancing hula in March 2008 … and it’s been an interesting experience.  Little did I know that (1) my visions had not come close to scratching the surface of this dance called “hula”; (2) there’s much more to hula than just moving your hands and feet; and (3) this thing called “hula” is really a journey… you never “arrive”; it’s a continual learning process.

In my professional (aka “real”) life I’m a librarian (a cataloger!)  If I were asked to do a commercial on the “secret” life of a librarian, this would be my story.  It’s not so secret any more, and I hope to share some of what I’ve learned, along with what I’m currently learning, since I started on this path.  I hope you can join me occasionally (or often!) on this newest aspect in my journey of hula.

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7 Responses to Aloha!

  1. Debra says:

    Congrats on the new blog! My husband is a huge Alfred Apaka fan. So we get to hear Hawaiian music regularly around here. It’s so relaxing.

  2. As a girl growing up in Hawaii, I learned the “Hukilau” and “Lovely Hula Hands,” both of them performed in a singularly graceless, haoli fashion. I didn’t so much “scratch the surface of hula” as I kamikazied through its fragile, delicate shell.

  3. Mafia Rose says:

    This will be my relaxing getaway when I need to relax! Can’t wait to hear more.

  4. DeniseVB says:

    What a lovely corner of bloggy world 🙂 I visited Hawaii only once in my life, meeting my husband on R&R during the Vietnam war. It was magical.

  5. wildflower says:

    Hi Joanna! I used to be a librarian… of sorts. At my first daughter’s elementary school, librarian was a volunteer position… and since all the parents who had kids in the school were required to “volunteer” (mandatory volunteering — how’s that for a contradiction in terms?)… well, that was where I ended up. I chose the library because I love books, I majored in English, and I didn’t want to get stuck being playground monitor or something like that. Eventually they put me in charge of choosing and buying all the new books for the library, which was really fun!

    Oh, by the way, the daughter referred to above — her name is Joanna. ☺

    I look forward to hearing more from you and experiencing Hawaii vicariously through your eyes!

  6. Ili`ilinoe i ka nahelehele says:

    I am not a blogger, but will be interested in your “journey!” Congratulations!

  7. Joy says:

    Great welcome message. It’s important that every librarian have a “secret” life outside the stacks 🙂

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