I just wanna dance!

I’d made the decision to learn hula; the next question was:  how?  Unless you’re in Hawai’i or California, there’s probably not a hula class in your town.  As I found out pretty quick!  Nevertheless, off I went to Google, typed in “hula classes”, and got a list of halau hulas.  It turns out that Florida is not a bad place to be if you want to learn hula; there are quite a few choices.  I picked one, Halau Hula `O Kaleooka`iwa, and on March 1, 2008, I went to my first official hula class.

Going someplace new, where I don’t know anyone at all, is a nightmare for me.  I’d (almost) rather have the flu.  And once I got to the class, the person I’d been in touch with wasn’t there (she did come later).  To make matters even worse, when I got into the actual class, I couldn’t do the steps!  I spent the first six months of this journey in tears, vowing after every Saturday to never go back because I just couldn’t get it.  I know how to dance; why can I not do this?

Our group meets on Saturday mornings in the lobby of the Polynesian Resort at Walt Disney World (we are worth watching if you’re ever in the area!).  After our hour in the lobby, we go to another building where our formal class takes place.  That’s another part of the rest of the story.

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2 Responses to I just wanna dance!

  1. bob says:

    Good for you for sticking with it! I admire your persistence and courage, which has obviously paid off for you. I just wish I could watch you and your group perform.

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