Kūnihi ka mauna i ka laʽi ē

This well-known oli kāhea (a greeting chant that is not danced to) is “the password, or song of admission” and is the opening chant that we use to request permission to enter the halau.  It was handed down verbally for generations and, so far, the earliest known written version is 1909.

ʽAe, kūnihi ka mauna i ka laʽi ē
ʽO waiʽaleʽale la i Wailua.
Huki aʽela i ka lani
Ka papa ʽauwai o Kawaikini
Alai ʽia a ʽela e Nounou.
Nalo ka Ipuha’a
Ka laula ma uka o Kapaʽa e.
Mai paʽa i ka leo!
He ʽele ka hea mai ē.

Indeed, steep is the mountain in the calm
Waiʽaleʽale (as seen from) Wailua.
Drawn up into the heavens is
The stream plank of Mount Kawaikini
The view is blocked by Nounou Hill.
Ipuhaʽa Hill is concealed
As is the broad plain above Kapaʽa.
Be not silent!
No voice cried out.

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