ʻŌlelo Noʻeau

He hulu makua.

A feather parent.

When most of the relatives of the parents’ generation are gone, the few left were referred to as hulu mākua and considered as precious and choice as feathers.  Hulu can refer to relatives as far back as three generations.


I paʽa iaia ʽaʽole ʽoe e puka.

If it had ended with him [or her] you would not be here.

Said to a younger sibling to encourage more respect for an elder.


Ola na iwi.

The bones live.

Said of a respected oldster who is well cared for by his family.


ʽOiai e nānā mai ana no na maka.

While the eyes still look around.

While a person is living, treat him kindly and learn what you can from him.

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