Ho’ike Workshop Weekend

This weekend the Ho‛ike Hawai‛i organization will be holding its 6th annual workshop. I attended my first workshop four years ago and made my first (and thus far only) Hawaiian quilt. It’s a gorgeous thing with turtles and dolphins frolicking on a darkening ocean with starlight flickering on the waves.

The last two years I’ve taken the hula class with Kumu Hula Mapuana de Silva from Halau Mohala Ilima in Ka‛ōhao, Kailua, Hawai‛i.  We’ve done hula noho (seated kahiko), ‛auana, and chanting. Kumu Mapu’s husband, Kihei, is a scholar and songwriter, and does an astonishing amount of research for the hulas that we learn, and we have been blessed to have him teach us as well.

This year I’ll be taking the hula class once again, and it’ll be a special time, as the class will be taught by my own Kumu, Kawehi Punahele. We’ll be learning a kahiko (Aia Emmalani la i ka uka) and an ‘auana (Palisa [Paris], by Kuana Torres Kahele.  It is on the cd Kaunaloa, which is one of 13 music albums on the preliminary ballot for the Grammy nominee.)

The workshop covers many Polynesian traditions.  In addition to the hula class, I’m also taking a lei making class.   Other courses include:

  • Hawaiian hula
  • Tahitian ori
  • Maori poi ball dance
  • Samoan siva
  • Samoan knife dance
  • Hawaiian quilt making
  • Tahitian toere drumming
  • Ukulele playing
  • Bone fish hook carving
  • Ipu heke making
  • Fish hook tying

Someday I hope to also take the Samoan Siva (a dance), the Tahitian Ori (also a dance, likely to put me in traction but I’m willing to suffer for the cause!),  the Tahitian toere drumming (I already have a partner commitment for this one for next year), and perhaps strum a few chords on a ukulele.

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