Siva Samoa

Talofa!  I’d seen the Samoan siva at some point during my first year of hula and loved both the dance and the dancer.   She danced to Mamalu O Samoa and it looked like so much fun that it went on my bucket list as something I wanted to learn someday.

When I got to the Ho’ike workshop in December, I discovered that they’d changed the time for the Samoan siva class.  In past years it had always been scheduled at the same time as hula so I had pretty much decided I’d never get the chance.   Ten of us  signed up:  9 haoles and 1 Hawaiian!  Turns out it was on their bucket lists too!

The song that we learned is Musika Malie (by Pacific Soul), and oh, what fun we had!  Both the hand and foot movements are quite different from hula and parts of  it were a real challenge.  We laughed until we cried, and the three-hour classes seemed to last only 15 minutes.  We persevered, though, and conquered it!

On Sunday afternoon of the workshop there is an exhibition time where everyone shows what they’ve learned.  We did our siva and proclaimed that we were Saaaamoan, at least for 5 minutes!  And we all plan to return to this class at the 2012 workshop.

Here’s an example of the traditional siva… unfortunately I don’t know the name of the song or who recorded it.


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