Catchin’ up…

Paeʻaina 2012:  This was my 4th and final paeʻaina!  It feels so very good to have it completed.  Our little group, Team Kaunaʻoa, choreographed and performed a kahiko.  Our theme was Princess Kaʻiulani (her full name:  Victoria Kaʻiulani Kalaninuiahilapalapa Kawēkiu i Lunalilo Cleghorn) and our hula was entitled simply “Kaʻiulani”.   In addition to the choreography, we designed our outfits (peasant blouses, pantaloons, and a paʻu skirt–  the design on the fabric turned out to be the halau colors!  Unplanned but delightful!)  Using fern fronds and the occasional orchid, we made lei poʻo for our heads and lei kupeʻe for our wrists and ankles.  We purchased maile leis from the big island of Hawaiʻi to complete our costumes.  My maile lei is now draped over the bulletin board in my office and each morning when I open the door there is a lovely fragrance in the room.  So nice!  Next year we will be judges for this event.

Merrie Monarch 2012:  This is Merrie Monarch week at the Edith Kanakaʻole Stadium in Hilo.  There are 23 halau scheduled to perform, including two from California and one from Las Vegas.  Thursday April 12 is the Miss Aloha Hula competition; Friday April 13 is kahiko; Saturday April 14 is ʻauana.  The competition begins at 6 p.m. local time and you can watch it on your computer (or tv if you’re local); that is unfortunately midnight to 6 a.m. here on the east coast so I’ll be catching up with the performances at a later time.

Merrie Monarch

Hoʻike Hawaiʻi competition, Orlando, 2012:  This is the next big event for our halau and we are all hard at work.  Last year the gracious ladies performed ʻauana; this year we will be doing both ʻauana and kahiko.  [Watch for the sales of Icy Hot to soar!]  The wahine have also begun their practices, and we have at least one soloist this year.  We are all excited for her as she begins her competition journey.

Hoʻike Hawaiʻi

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