Ho’ike Hawai’i 2013

The 16th annual Ho‛ike Hawai‛i competition was held in Orlando on July 27-28, 2013.  It’s a weekend that many of us look forward to … a chance to renew friendships from previous years and to make new friends for the coming years.   As always, the competition is high quality, with beautiful costumes and wonderful music.

This year’s competition brought dancers from many places:



Only the Gracious Ladies (Makuahine, or Kupuna) competed from my halau this year, and we did well again:  3rd place in ‛auana (Haleakala Hula) and 2nd place in kahiko (Oli O Aulani).  The competitors in each category are excellent dancers, even if they don’t place in the final results which are announced at the end of the competition.

The competition also features many talented musicians who are either local from the Orlando area, or within the state of Florida, or they come to accompany a particular halau.  This year I was introduced to the music of Komakakino who sang for Halau Ha’a Kea O Mokihana.  I purchased their CD, ‛O Kēia Ka Manawa… Now is the time… and have really been enjoying their music.

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