Aloha!  My name is Kololia; I am a librarian (cataloger) and a student of hula. This blog is a pet project to share my love for hula and the Hawaiian culture with other interested travelers.   Thank you for being part of  my journey.


3 Responses to About

  1. Pomaika'i says:

    Aloha no e Kololia. (‘O Gloria kou inoa Haole, paha? Is it derived from the English name Gloria?) Pehea ‘oe? How are you?

    I happened to come across your blog entry in looking up “Aia Emmalani la i ka uka” because I too am a part of Ho’ike Hawai’i and I was interested in learning more about the chant we are dancing to. So… I googled it, and up popped your blog! Exciting, huh?!! I’m not usually a blog reader, but yours caught my attention. Perhaps because we know the same people, I feel we will meet soon enough. I dance with a hui of hula dancers, under Mapuana Ebbet. She is very close friends with Kumu Kawehi. You’ve probably already met her.

    Maika’i for being so inspired with the hula & the Hawaiian Culture. My heart smiles when others become so fascinated with the hula, and then also realize that it IS SO MUCH MORE than the movement of hips, hands and feet. Please continue to share your journey, so that others will learn to appreciate our culture, beyond the surface of coconut bras (aue!) and mai tai’s and cha-lang-a-lang hula…. as I like to call it. Mahalo for understanding what makes Hawai’i so special.

    Anywho….. just wanted to spread the aloha & introduce myself. E malama pono.

    Hugs & honi’s,

    • hulajourney says:

      Aloha e Pomaika’i. Thanks for coming to my blog. I enjoyed hearing from you and yes, we do know a few of the same people!

      ‘Kololia’ is my halau name and since I was writing about Hawaiian culture and hula, decided to use it for the blog. I am a member of Kumu Kawehi’s halau in Orlando. I think I’ve met Mapuana a couple of times (at Ho’ike and the workshop). I’ll have to check with Kumu to be sure.

      One of the nicest compliments I’ve gotten so far (other than yours!) is from a girl I went to grad school with… we’re friends on Facebook where I share all kinds of hula stuff, and she commented that she’d really learned to appreciate hula from my posts. It’s such a passion for me and I’m really excited when somebody else can get that from whatever I may do.

      I hope to hear from you again soon… and often!

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